My Fox Family Update

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“I am not sure who is teaching whom” Mr. Finch, Yuna’s teacher, said during our meeting today. “We are learning so much from Yuna. Yuna brings a unique and strong message to our classroom. We are very grateful to have Yuna in our class.” This afternoon, we met with Yuna’s teachers and support team members, who have known Yuna for years. All said that Yuna has shown a phenomenal progress in her cognitive skills and physical strength this year😃. It is easy to overlook Yuna’s intellectual growth as Yuna’s communication tools are limited. Yuna does not talk, and her overall movement is not well coordinated. Yuna has, however, a wealth of facial expression – excitement, happiness, disappointment, sadness, embarrassment.. She says everything. We just have to learn how to listen to her! We all agreed to keep Yuna on more intellectually engaging as well as intellectually challenging environment. We don’t want to get Yuna bored! We discussed how to make the classroom structure better suited to Yuna’s needs. It is always heartwarming to hear how much Yuna’s classmates love to interact with Yuna and appreciate having Yuna around. Thank you for your strong support, Bridlemile community! We are so grateful. #MyFoxGirl #ThankYou #BridlemileElementary #ThankYouTeachers from Instagram:

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